CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Donald Trump is now the first former U.S. president to be criminally indicted.

“We are in very uncharted waters, it’s something we’ve literally never seen,” said John Seung-Ho Baick, Professor of History at Western New England University.

The former president, facing about 30 counts in a New York grand jury indictment, the exact charges are unknown, as it remains sealed. “I think it’s actually going to be a lot more complicated once this indictment is revealed publicly, because apparently this District Attorney, is doing more than just a simple “1-2-3,” adds Seung-Ho Baick. “I think the word conspiracy may actually come up…which makes these charges serious.”

Trump, is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday, where he will be fingerprinted and appear before a judge, who will decide what kind of bail he will get. “His lawyers, I expect will make a motion to get the indictment dismissed, he will also probably challenge not just the sufficiency of the evidence..but the procedure itself, expressed Jennifer Taub, Professor of Law at Western New England University.

Trump, also facing federal and state investigations concerning his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, but from a legal standpoint, professor Taub says he can still run for office. “Someone has actually run for president, Eugene Debbs, while incarcerated, I am not saying Donald Trump will be incarcerated, even if he is convicted, but there is no stopping him,” said Taub. “I think he’ll continue to run for office…and may even secure the nomination of the Republican party.”

Both professors say people need to focus on the due process of law, because this may be a long fight.