SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday was the 15th Annual McKnight Block Party in Springfield’s historic McKnight neighborhood.

The block party is a popular community resource fair that brings together community groups, city departments, and local vendors.

This year, the Circle K Petting Farm came to the block party with an array of farm-friendly animals that included a donkey, an alpaca, baby goats and lambs, and bunnies for the kids to feed and pet.

22News spoke with Walter Kroll, President of the Mcknight Neighborhood Council, about the purpose and meaning of the annual event.

“Really it’s to celebrate the park and to celebrate each other,” said Kroll. “… Get connected, to meet neighbors you probably never met that you haven’t had the opportunity to, so that’s kinda what our charge has been with this.”

Local DJ Brenton Jenkins also hosted the event from the vintage Peter Pan Bus stage. Kroll told 22News he hopes this annual tradition continues as he sees a real positive impact in the neighborhood from it.