NORTH BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Twenty more Beagles from the Envigo Facility in Virginia have been relocated to Second Chance’s facility in North Brookfield Wednesday, where they will quarantine for two days before being ready for adoption.

The 20 dogs traveled with the Second Chance team from a Humane Society of the United States’ care facility in Maryland. One thing that caught the team’s attention with these Beagles was they all had tattoos on their ears that was used to identify them.

“They’ve lived their entire lives inside a facility, known only by the tattoo on their ears,” said Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato. “Soon they’ll have names, they’ll learn the feeling of their paws on grass, and they’ll have a place to call home filled with people who love them.”

Once the Beagles made it to North Brookfield, they were each given names, each pair sharing a first letter such as Harper and Hadley, and Jukebox and Jive. The Beagles will be quarantined for the next 48 hours at the Second Chance Almost Home and receive any medical care, vaccinations, microchips and spay or neuter surgery they need before being ready for adoption.

“All of the dogs are between the ages of four and seven months and appear healthy. They were very quiet on the ride, but everything is new to them.  I can’t wait to see them learn to play and just be dogs,” said Blancato.

Approximately 4,000 Beagles were removed from an Envigo RMS LLC facility in Cumberland, Virginia over the last several months after a lawsuit alleged the facility violated the Animal Welfare Act. The dogs were being bred to be sold to laboratories for animal experimentation.

Anyone interested in adopting the Beagles from Second Chance can fill out an adoption survey on their website.