SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a busy week for travel as many people in western Massachusetts and across the country head home from holiday gatherings.

Even with the harsh winter weather over the holiday weekend, people still hit the roads to visit loved ones. 22News caught up with a few drivers who were heading home Tuesday morning, they came prepared for their road trips.

Jon Makhmaltchi of Rhineback, New York told 22News, “Load up with Starbucks, that’s what we do, we have a fridge!”

Drivers will need to keep their energy up this week as millions are expected to take to the roads now through January 2nd. AAA had predicted that nearly 102 million Americans would drive to and from their holiday celebrations this year. Since many businesses had observed the Christmas holiday on Monday, Tuesday was expected to be the busier road travel day.

22News stopped by a rest stop in Ludlow where a couple drivers said road traffic was quieter than they anticipated.

“It’s a few more cars on the road, but nothing all that bad,” said Kevin Salamore of Syracuse, New York.

“I mean surprisingly, smooth-sailing right now. I feel terrible for the folks at the airports. I’d say, you know, road trips right now. Wait until the airlines catch up,” said Makhmaltchi.

An uptick in flight delays and cancellations in recent days means even more people may get behind the wheel rather than boarding a plane. If you’re planning to drive back from your holiday destination, fellow travelers recommend taking some breaks to keep yourself alert.

“Just get out there and stretch, just walk a little bit and get some fresh air,” said Salamore.

It’s expected that Wednesday will be another busy day on the roads, along with January 2nd, so be sure to give yourself extra time to get where you’re going.