SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hot Table Restaurants in western Massachusetts and Connecticut aren’t usually open on Sunday, but Sunday was a special exception.

At the Hot Table in downtown Springfield, the place was packed. Many made a point of ordering, to help food distribution agencies throughout the Pioneer Valley. That’s why Jerry and Maggie Adams of Springfield celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary at the Springfield Hot Table.

“When we heard that Hot Table was donating to charity today, they’re a great company, we’d like to donate to charity,” Jerry said.

“We’re very happy to be here. This is part of the Sunday that Hot Table is open. The money goes to charity,” Maggie said.

Hot Table management was gratified so many customers responded to this rare Sunday opening. Staff enjoyed being kept on the go.

“I think it’s amazing. Give back to the community. It’s a company that always gives back to the community,” Hot Table Manager Krystal Philips told 22News.

Down through the years, the Hot Table owner has a history of donating proceeds to the Gray House, which operates a food pantry benefiting families in need in the city’s north end. No doubt the humanitarian work of Gray House will share greatly in Sunday’s act of generosity. All proceeds from Sunday at Hot Table will go towards helping battle food insecurity.