CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Several inches of rain fell across western Massachusetts Friday, and all this rain is causing nightmares for some homeowners.

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare, basement flooding. All of this recent rain is posing a serious flooding threat for many.

22News spoke with Michael Streit, Water Mitigation Manager at Priority One Restoration Services, about the damage rain in your basement can cause. “It can damage a number of things depending on where it is and where it’s coming from and running through if there’s asbestos or lead paint or anything like that and then obviously if you let the water sit for too long without it being taken care of properly, you can run into mold issues.”

Experts say to avoid trying to get to your basement and just waiting for professionals because it could be hazardous from exposed electrical wiring to harmful bacteria. Professionals will be able to pump the standing water out immediately. Unless you have a flood insurance policy, experts say your homeowner’s insurance, likely won’t cover damage to your basement caused by a flood.

So to prepare for the next storm, Streit adds that it’s worth seeking help and protecting your home ahead of time, “Reach out to any waterproofing company do some research look online, they’re gonna help to find ways to do French drains or setting up sump pumps or even just hydro sealing.”

Michael added that in the summer and now early fall filled with rainstorms, Friday may have been the busiest he has seen this year.

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