CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – All of this rain lately has become a nuisance for homeowners, in more ways than one. A big concern right now, basement flooding which could lead to mold.

Whenever there’s heavy rainfall, excess water can quickly collect in cracks and even around windows in basements. Eventually, after moisture lingers for a while mold can grow.

Mold can ruin furnishings, damage interiors and cause health problems. Konstentin Tkachenko, Owner of Advanced Seamless Gutters and Basement waterproofing in Chicopee tells 22News, a dehumidifier will help to dry any excessively damp environment and keep from building mold.

Tkachenko explains how to select the best dehumidifier for your space, “if you have a 1000 square feet try to go a little bit over a 1000 square feet that way it’s going to handle the basement size.”

You should call a professional if your basement is flooded. They’ll ensure it’s done properly to reduce your chances of mold growth.

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