(WWLP) – As tax day approaches, Americans are utilizing tax apps instead of accountants in order to file their taxes on time and easily receive their money.

According to a news release from a fintech in direct payment solutions called GoCardless, 74 percent of Americans prefer to use an online automated system when conducting their taxes such as Turbotax.

“We are in the age of digital, where clicks and direct payments far outweigh paper forms and mailed checks,” said Vanni Parmeggiani, Global Director of Open Banking and Real-Time Payments at GoCardless.

Reasons for filing taxes online:

  • Filing taxes online saves time
  • Online systems automate the process so that consumers don’t have to worry about physically mailing in forms

In a recent survey conducted by GoCardless, 1,000 American consumers aged 18 and over understand their tax filing preferences.

Tax refunds via ACH payment versus check in the mail

GoCardless found 79 percent of consumers prefer to have their tax refund as an ACH payment.

“The idea that we can receive our refunds quickly and safely via ACH payments, without having to cash a physical check, is really exciting and what consumers now expect,” said Parmeggiani.

Why consumers choose ACH:

  • 62% like ACH because they don’t have to physically cash a check
  • 54% feel ACH is safer and more secure than receiving a mail-in check
  • Another 53% say they like receiving their funds quickly with ACH and that it’s easier to keep track of a payment when it’s directly deposited into their bank account