NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Mount Holyoke announced Wednesday that cases are on the decline which lead to the decision to remove the mask requirements starting at the end of the business day on Friday, October 14.

But, some campuses like Smith and Hampshire still require them in indoor settings. Other schools are asking what their population thinks. Amherst College has opened the option to students and faculty with an anonymous survey.

“My math class, if nobody chooses to vote for requiring masks then, nobody will wear a mask, but my other classes might,” said Bea Kiggen, a Senior at Amherst College.

Amherst College student Bea said she’s not sure how she will vote. However, just down the street, UMass Amherst did not put in place a mask mandate at the start of the semester.

Flynn Peterson is a junior at UMass Amherst and he said he will wear a mask if he’s asked by a professor, but his feelings like many others, have changed when it comes to COVID.

“At the beginning it was this horrible thing, like you can’t get it, you have to stay as far away from it as possible, everyone could have it. You know nobody’s safe. But now it’s treated the same as a flu or a cold,” Peterson expressed.

To wear a mask or to not; that conversation has been going on for so long that only the senior class remembers a time before it.

Kiggen added, “I am hoping to have a somewhat normal senior year. It’s been a wild roller coaster of a college experience.”

Amherst College students and faculty will have to complete that anonymous survey by Monday, October 17.