CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – City officials are urging the public to avoid contact with the Connecticut River and Chicopee River due to overflow discharge.

According to a news release sent to 22News from the City of Chicopee, Tuesday night’s thunderstorms caused sewer overflows to discharge into the Connecticut River and Chicopee River. The locations areas affected include Chicopee, Holyoke, Springfield, West Springfield, Longmeadow, and Agawam.

In the statement, the discharges consisted of untreated and/or partially treated sewage and waste.

Avoid contact with these water bodies for 48 hours after the discharge or overflow ceases due to increased health risks from bacteria and other pollutants.

Quinn T. Lonczak | Project Supervisor, Chicopee Water Pollution Control

22News also spoke with James Suprenant, resident of Chicopee, who urges others to take precaution and avoid fishing and swimming in the rivers until it’s clean.

“Take precaution first of all, I would say to give it a rest for at least a month or a couple of weeks, you know until it gets going and until everything is safe and clean again and I don’t know what that is.” said Suprenant.

The discharge has stopped however the time when it began or ended is unknown.

MAP: MassDEP Combined Sewer Outfalls in Massachusetts

Connecticut River – Sewer overflows discharges located:

  • Exchange Street Pumping Station (CSO 024)
  • James/Syrek Streets (CSO 003)
  • Leslie Street Pumping Station (CSO 005)
  • Jones Ferry Road Pumping Station (CSO 007)

Chicopee River – Sewer overflows discharges located:

  • 449 Front Street (CSO 026)
  • 510 Front Street (CSO 027)
  • Main Street West of Deady Bridge (CSO 032B)
  • 227 East Main Street (CSO 037)
  • Grattan/Hearthstone (CSO 034)

Partially treated wastewater discharges located:

  • 80 Medina Street – Secondary treatment bypass occurred: sewage was chemically treated per permit (Outfall 010)
  • Jones Ferry Road High Flow Bypass CSO7.1 -CSO Treatment Facility- flow received solids removal and chemical treatment