BOSTON (WWLP) – A seven-month-old boy from Adams with a rare genetic condition went home for the first time on Tuesday since birth after being treated at a Boston children’s hospital. 

Doctors at Franciscan Children’s Hospital discharged Milo Alligood after receiving four months of specialized treatment for HIDEA (hypotonia, hypoventilation, impaired intellectual development, dysautonomia, epilepsy, and eye abnormalities).  

Only 20 people in the world have been diagnosed with this rare genetic condition. Milo was born at Berkshire Medical Center and transferred to Boston’s Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed.  

He continued his care at Franciscan, where he received post-acute treatment, as well as special training for his parents to take care of him since Milo depends on a ventilator to breathe and a tube for food. 

Physicians and caretakers sent him off with a bubble parade and smiles filled the hospital’s hallway, with the biggest one on Milo’s face! He left the hospital with both parents to go home, where he finally met his two-year-old big brother Eli for the first time.