ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) – A Berkshire County business owner is being praised by the local community after saving a woman inside his Adams diner Wednesday. Peter Oleskiewicz, who owns Miss Adams Diner, sprung into action after the woman began choking.

“It was scary. Even for me to talk about it right now, I’m getting that feeling again of nervousness,” Oleskiewicz said.

After the woman began choking, Oleskiewicz tried to ask her questions about what she ate, and staff attempted to give her water. After she was unable to respond to his questions, the owner began to administer aid.

“With just one try it came out, so we’re very fortunate that it wasn’t lodged deep,” he explained.

A life-saving moment that’s drawn plenty of support from the local community, including customers who frequent his restaurant.

“I told him yesterday, I sent him a private message and I said, you are a hero, and then I told him, there aren’t enough words to say how wonderful you are,” said

While thankful for the continued recognition, the diner owner says he was just doing the right thing.

Instead, he credits Amalio Jusino, who helps train life-saving maneuvers to local restaurants as part of state law. Massachusetts law requires restaurants to always have someone on staff that is choke-safe certified.

“It could’ve been a different outcome so I’m glad that Massachusetts did it make it a requirement, because honestly, you can call 9-1-1 and hope that they show up on time, which yesterday they did. They had an awesome response time,” the owner said.

Oleskiewicz also praised the response time of emergency officials to care for the woman after she was done choking. The police department, which is just a block away, quickly responded, as did an EMT that happened to be across the street at the time of the incident.

Just a day removed from the situation, the woman and her family returned to Miss Adams Diner, including her son, who Oleskiewicz said traveled from the eastern part of the state to thank him for his actions.

“When I saw them walk in the door this morning I felt ecstatic, I mean that she’s healthy, she’s able to function and go back to her normal routine,” he said.

Oleskiewicz went on to say he’s grateful that the woman is okay and returned to the diner to have breakfast Thursday.