PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Berkshire Museum has unveiled a thought-provoking exhibition named “Insight Out,” in collaboration with Second Street Second Chances, Inc., known as 2nd Street.

This showcase highlights the creative expressions of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals from Berkshire County. Commencing on Saturday, September 2, the exhibition will be accessible to the public until Sunday, October 1.

The artwork displayed in the exhibition originates from individuals who are often overlooked when it comes to presenting their talents in a museum setting. The partnership emphasizes the importance of providing a platform for these artists to share their unique perspectives with the community.

As part of this initiative, artists whose creations are features in the exhibition will be recognized and supported through a $200 cash award sponsored by 2nd Street. Additionally, they will be granted a family membership to the Berkshire Museum, promoting continued engagement with the arts.

An intriguing aspect of this collaboration is that the exhibited artwork may be available for purchase by the general public at the conclusion of the exhibition. This provides an opportunity for supporters of the arts to not only appreciate the creativity on display but also to invest in the artistic endeavors of these individuals. To further encourage this support, 2nd Street has established a dedicated fund to acquire select works for installation in its program space, located at 264 Second Street in Pittsfield.

Jesse Kowalski, the Chief Curator of the Berkshire Museum, expressed his pride in this collaboration, stating, “Berkshire Museum is honored to collaborate with 2nd Street on this important exhibition. We are proud to bring focus to the many talented individuals in our community who often do not have opportunities to exhibit their artwork in a museum.”

Jason Cuyler, Executive Director of 2nd Street, also shared his gratitude for this partnership, highlighting the organization’s dual focus on essential services and creative encouragement. “At 2nd Street, we strive to not only provide essential services for our clients, but also to encourage them to express their creativity,” said Cuyler. “We thank Berkshire Museum for generously supporting and hosting this important exhibition.”

“Insight Out” is part of a larger endeavor known as Release, which engages presently and formerly incarcerated individuals in the creation of live, full-length performance that integrates their real-life stories and experiences. The companion initiative, Release, will be showcased at the Koussevitzky Theatre at Berkshire Community College, featuring presentations on September 20 and 23, at 7 p.m., and September 26 at 2 p.m. These performances are open to the public and aim to foster greater understanding and connection within the community.

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