PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Weeks after Miguel Estrella, 22, was shot and killed by police, 105 people have signed a petition to equip officers with the Pittsfield Police Department with body cameras. The petition will be discussed during the next city council meeting on April 26th.

“I believe that it is a great idea for police to have body cameras because it neutrally captures what really happened. It’s neither for the police, it’s neither anti-police,” said Rinaldo Del Gallo, a local attorney who started the petition.

Del Gallo was able to secure signatures this weekend as dozens marched through the city during a rally in the aftermath of the shooting. Now, he’s urging supporters to attend the city council meeting in two weeks.

“If you’d like to speak, and I’m asking people to come down to city hall to speak in favor of the petition, you can show up, you have to show up before 6 p.m., and just sign in,” he said.

Pittsfield officials confirmed that the petition will be on the agenda, but could not comment on it since it just came through. After speaking to NEWS10, Del Gallo showed records of several similar petitions regarding body cameras over the past six years. Several residents, including one who lives up the road from where the shooting took place, support the idea.

“Yeah definitely, definitely. For both parties, you know what I mean, because I’m sure this officer’s not feeling too good about it either,” said Jeff Roy.

Estrella was shot and killed on March 25 after police were called to an apartment complex on Onota Street twice. Shortly after the first call, police say they found Estrella, who has a history of mental illness, with a knife.

After he allegedly advanced on officers, authorities say they attempted to tase him twice, but the deployments were unsuccessful in stopping his alleged advances. Then, one officer fired his weapon. The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office continues to investigate.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Andrea Harrington provided an update saying her office is committed to completing the investigation as quickly and thoroughly as possible, noting that these types of investigations typically take four to six months to finish.

In part, Harrington said in a statement, “I recognize the community’s urgent need for details, and I’ve requested that the involved agencies prioritize this investigation.”