PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — The Pittsfield Police Department has released a preliminary report on the fatal officer-involved shooting of 22-year-old Miguel Estrella. The report ultimately finds that the officers’ use of deadly force was in line with department policies.

“On the basis of the preliminary FIT report, Officer Sondrini’s TASER deployment and subsequent use of his firearm in response to a perceived imminent deadly threat is in compliance with all relevant department policies, training guidelines, statutory requirements, and use of force guidelines,” read the report.

Estrella was shot and killed on March 25 after patrols were called for reports of a man who had cut himself. Estrella reportedly refused medical attention. Police said officers were then called to the home for a second time that night, where they found Estrella with a knife.

Estrella allegedly advanced toward the officers with the knife. When their tasers did not work to stop him, one of the officer’s used his gun. The report said Estrella was struck twice and later died from his injuries at Berkshire Medical Center.

The report also explains that Estrella did not meet the criteria for a “person in crisis.” During an interview with NEWS10, Daneya Falwell, Miguel Estrella’s girlfriend, said he had been struggling with mental illness. 

“According to information provided to the responding Officers and EMS by Mr. Estrella and witnesses on scene, he was not engaged in any self-harming behavior, and made no threats and/or statements of self-harm at that time. All parties reported that his visible existing injury had occurred earlier in the day,” said the report.

The report said the Force Investigation Team will submit their complete report in the coming weeks. You can read the full preliminary report below: