PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of two ongoing schemes that involve their office.

According to the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, both schemes involve individuals claiming to be officers and providing names of people that do not work at the office. The individuals then request money in order to clear a warrant or request money to clear a freeze on their social security income due to “legal troubles”.

Individuals will attempt any kind of scheme to gain access to information by placing someone in fear just to get money. The Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office offers eight simple ways to protect yourself from being a victim of a scheme.

1. Guard your online information

2. Monitor your accounts

3. Business Email Compromise

4. Shred sensitive documents

5. Check your credit report

6. Think twice about sharing your information

7. Implement fraud detection tools

8. Report suspicious activity