(WWLP) – Newly released documentary series “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix features an episode on UFO sightings reported in Massachusetts back in 1969.

Trailer: “Unsolved Mysteries”

On Wednesday, the Netflix documentary series Unsolved Mysteries released 12 new mysteries including UFO sightings reported in Great Barrington, Sheffield, Stockbridge, and Egremont in 1969. The fifth episode of the series is titled “Berkshires UFO” and reveals jaw-dropping experiences residents shared.

22News spoke with Archivist Gary Leveille from the Great Barrington Historical Society who explained what viewers can expect when watching Berkshires UFO.

“On September 1, 1969, a number of people had some bizarre sightings and they ranged from seeing a giant glowing disc right in front of them and then zipping away to what appeared to be actual abductions where time was lost and they were beamed into a ship,” Leveille said.

Right after residents experienced what happened, many phone calls flooded local radio stations, but there were also a lot of people who also stayed quiet about the situation because they feared being judged. Leveille shared his job as an archivist isn’t to judge the stories they tell but to gather their information and make it available for those who are interested.

Over the last few years, the historical society accumulated a file of drawings, photographs, testimonials, statements and letters from various people throughout the southern Berkshires that experienced this phenomenon on that evening, Leveille added.

The lead episode spotlights the Berkshires, with footage from the Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield’s public library, which cultivates a strong local history focus. The episode was partially filmed in the Local History Department of the library in 2019.

Viewers interested in watching can view the documentary on Netflix.

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