CHESTER, Mass. (WWLP) – The town of Chester remains under a state of emergency following a water system issue that began on Friday.

Water was restored to everyone in the community by Sunday evening however, a boil water order is still in effect and will be until at least Wednesday. The town’s water department notified the community there was no water in the village of Chester on Friday morning and it was working to solve the issue.

Another notification after that a large leak had been detected, that the lack of water pressure in the system could cause contamination and a boil water order was put into place. The town contacted MEMA to get safe drinking water delivered to the community. The Huntington Fire Department also assisted. Water was distributed to residences at set times since Friday and the town will continue to do so.

It wasn’t until Sunday evening that the department confirmed water had been returned to all residents.

“It was a big surprise because we woke up in the morning to no water and we had water the night before so it was very fast whatever happened.” Frances Judd, Chester resident

“Chester does have a history of water issues, nothing to this severity and it’s a case of infrastructure.” Kathe Warden – Town Administrator, Chester

Warden said like many hilltowns, Chester doesn’t receive enough state funding to revamp the entire water system. The tax dollars in such a small community can only go so far.

That boil water order is still in place, pending water testing results, the earliest the order could be lifted is Thursday.