NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) announced Tuesday that cannabis plant seeds and clones are now available for sale in Massachusetts.

Seeds and clones must be sold from a licensed adult-use marijuana retailer, marijuana delivery operator, or medical marijuana treatment centers. Up to six clones can be sold to a consumer a day but there is no limit on the number of seeds that can be purchased. A clone is identified as a clipping of a cannabis or marijuana plant that can be rooted and grown.

“Safety is paramount to us at the Commission,” Executive Director Shawn Collins said. “I’m proud that for the first time ever, Massachusetts residents will now be able to purchase both seeds and clones from licensed retailers and dispensaries that are closely regulated and tracked.”

In Massachusetts, residents over the age of 21 can legally grow up to six cannabis plants in their homes, with a max of 12 plants in households with multiple people over the age of 21.

There are many precautions consumers should take when planting at their own homes. Collins encourages residents to follow the tips on Such risks include electrical fires from high-powered lamps.