(WWLP) – During the dog days of summer, the third Wednesday in July is recognized as National Hot Dog Day.

The hot dog was believed to be brought to New York by German immigrants in the 19th century, originally referred to as a dachshund sausage.

According to Yelp, these are the top 10 best hot dog spots in western Massachusetts:

  1. Teo’s Hot Dogs – 1410 East St in Pittsfield
  2. Tom’s Hot Dog – 61 State Rd Rte 5 And 10 in Whately
  3. Hot Dog Ranch – 114 W Housatonic St in Pittsfield
  4. Jack’s Hot Dog Stand – 12 Eagle St in North Adams
  5. Joel’s Hot Dog Cart – Lenox
  6. Scotti’s – 90 Haydenville Rd in Leeds
  7. Foley’s Franks – Mt Tom Rd Rte 5 in Northampton
  8. Nick’s Nest – 1597 Northampton St in Holyoke
  9. 5J Creamee & Pasiecnik Farmstand – 255 River Rd in Whately
  10. Cindy’s Drive In – 455 E State St in Granby

Yelp, a ratings and reviews site, put together the list by evaluating all of the Massachusetts hot dog businesses on its platform on several factors, including the number and quality of ratings.