SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday marked the 14th Annual Indie Soul Festival in Springfield!

The one day outdoor music, culture and arts festival is a fan favorite in the whole tri state area.

Christopher Martin from Agawam came down to support the local vendors. He told 22News, “I love Springfield, I’m from the area. I love to support all of the local events that are going on especially all of the local vendors that are here. We love to support each other.”

This event is all about celebrating local artists, encouraging the community to fall back in love with the arts, and promoting local businesses.

“We want to support each other, right? I think with the way everything’s been the last few years, being apart from each other, I think the ability to find a beat together is huge,” Martin added.

At the event held at Riverfront Park in downtown Springfield, people were able enjoy some savory food and
desserts from local businesses and shop from local vendors in the fashion market.

22News spoke with one vendor, Brandie Seymour of Vicky Bleu Fashion, who offers one of a kind designs here in Springfield.

“I’m actually promoting my clothing line. I’m just super happy that the community is having things for everybody to come out and support each other, and just be apart of something,” said Seymour. “I mean with the last couple of years with COVID, so many people were indoors, so now we’re able to step out and be among each other.”

Seymour told 22News she believes events like these are important avenues to support local businesses and artists, and to also celebrate their community efforts.

“I’ts always good to give back to your community. Your community will support you first. I just think that as long as you’re giving it will return in a different form. You don’t always have to give money, but just your presence, your support, it’s super huge,” she continued.

There were also a variety of performances of African and Urban Dance as well as lecture and panel discussions to bring the community together through the arts in Springfield.