CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast and with it warmer temperatures make some people want to take a swim in local rivers and lakes to beat the heat.

Memorial Day is coming up and with it temperatures in the 80s have people thinking about going for a swim in some local lakes and rivers. Now some may not think about it but rivers and lakes are still very cold considering we are still only in May.

7 Day Forecast

Local water temperatures are in the 50s which to some may not sound too bad while others definitely think it is cold. Depending on your age and health it can take roughly 15-30 minutes to start seeing or feeling the effects of hypothermia.

Signs of hypothermia

Some of these symptoms include confusion, shivering, difficulty speaking, sleepiness, and stiff muscles which can all make it harder to swim increasing your risk of drowning. If you are going to swim, make sure you are not alone and be mindful of how your body feels.