SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The pandemic has taught people to plan for the unexpected and that includes getting your finances sorted out, especially if you are nearing retirement.

The Massachusetts Association for Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS) held a conference at the Sheraton in Springfield Monday. The purpose of the organization is to preserve and strengthen public retirement systems in the Commonwealth.

These conferences are used to exchange ideas and information about retirement benefits. The president of MACRS says that despite the uncertainty of the economy people can be confident that their pensions are secure. She gave the following advice for people relying on the form of retirement.

“They should contact their local retirement board and make sure their beneficiaries are up to date, that things they expect are going to happen when they retire are actually going to happen. It is really important to check in and keep secure when they’re using any information online with their boards.” Kathleen Kiely-Becchetti, President of MACRS

There are 104 public pension systems in Massachusetts relied upon by over 500,000 active and retired employees.