(WWLP) – The clocks were set forward an hour early Sunday morning for Daylight Saving Time. The change in time brings extra sunlight at the end of the day. However, until people acclimate to the change in time, there can be greater sick on the roads.

“That means we have to be careful about drowsy driving. It’s pretty under reporter out there but its a leading cause of crashes,” Mark Schieldrop, a spokesperson for AAA Northeast said.

Research by AAA in 2018 found that crashes involving drowsiness are nearly 8 times more frequent than federal estimates. The organization finds that drowsiness is a factor in roughly 10 percent of accidents. Drowsiness among drives increases the days immediately following daylight savings time.

“There’s an uptick of crashes mainly around commuting times so we just asked people to be mindful,” Schieldrop said.

The recommended amount of sleep before getting behind the wheel is 7 hours. According to the CDC only 35 percent of American get the recommended amount. Drowsiness isn’t the only concern for drivers during Daylight Saving Time.

“A lot of times your use to driving with the sun in a certain position, well an hour forward and that sun could be in your eyes. So make sure your windshield is clean,” Schieldrop said.

As warmer weather approaches, there’s also likely to be more people outside walking. Drivers should hover their foot over the break pedal near intersections that are popular for pedestrians.