CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The first Saturday in September is International Bacon Day and is a day to celebrate all things bacon.

On this day, we are reminded that bacon is not just a breakfast food, but it can also add a delicious flavor to any recipe.

Bacon is pork that is cured in salt made from cuts from the belly or the back of a pig, according to the National Day Calander. During ancient times, Chinese, Egyptian, and Roman cultures all had methods for preserving pork, but the Romans received credit for sharing their knowledge of curing pork. They called their bacon “petaso.” As cured pork expanded throughout Europe, the meat became a staple to families because of the ability of being able to preserve it easily.

There are four different types of bacon, such as:

  • American bacon is the most well-known bacon type. It’s made from pork belly and contains both meat and fat. This type of bacon becomes crispy after it is cooked.
  • Canadian bacon is made from the lean parts of the pig and is similar to ham in flavor and appearance.
  • Pancetta is an Italian bacon that is made with salt and spices that can be eaten cooked or uncooked. People often use pancetta in sandwiches, but also in some other dishes.
  • Guanciale is another Italian bacon commonly used in carbonara and amatriciana. This type of bacon is the fattiest of all other bacon types and is probably the most flavorful.

One way to celebrate International Bacon Day is to experiment with bacon by trying a new recipe. Taste of Home has a list of some of the best bacon recipes to try:

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