SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite the gloomy weather, candidates are urging their supporters to get out and vote regardless of the weather.

Voters were coming out in large numbers at the Frederick Harrus School in East Forest Park with its three Ward 7 Precincts, which is always a popular place to vote. A voter 22News spoke with said he is taking this obligation very seriously.

“I know how important it is to vote. Especially in today’s environment. Democracy in America is under attack, and more people need to show up and vote. Or else we’re going to get exactly what we deserve. You have to go out and vote at this point. It doesn’t make any difference who you vote for, what matters is you vote and exercise your will,” said Mark Dorsy of Springfield.

Western Massachusetts experienced a long draught leading up to these rain drops during the past two days. It couldn’t have come soon enough for people to break open their umbrella’s for a change.

“I think its a good thing, it’s a good thing it’s much needed,” said Donda Ford of Springfield. “I’m prepared for it. You’ve got to be prepared for the rain. You’ve got to have your umbrella. You need it to make things grow.”

“I feel like it’s much needed, good for the environment,” said Jerrington James, a visitor from New York.

We can only hope that the return of the rain after its long absence has done nothing to hold down Tuesday’s voter turnout.