SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News received several complaints from viewers about getting a late payment bill for their trash fee in Springfield but have never received an original bill.

Springfield homeowners are charged $90 a year per barrel for trash pickup annually. The trash bill was mailed to more than 34,000 residents on March 14th, with the fee due date at April 11th. Those that have not paid the fee by April 29th were given a demand fee, according to the Springfield Mayor’s Office Spokesperson, Bill Baker.

Trash Fee: Frequently Asked Questions

“Anytime a resident comes into City Hall to pay any bill at our Collectors Office, the Customer Service Representative there will usually inform the resident if any other bills are outstanding or due. One of the common responses our CSR receive in our Collectors Office is that the resident is not going to pay it because they know their mortgage company will eventually pay it once it’s applied to their property taxes. We try to inform them that if that does happen, there will be additional fees and interest applied,” said Baker.

The city allows 30 days from the billing date before it accumulates interest (12% annually). If unpaid, a lien may be applied against the real estate property tax bills for the year following the delinquency.

If you recently purchased a home in Springfield, the trash bill is settled at the time of closing, or call 311 for the city’s call center to update the information on record.