HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A summit for safe and healthy schools was held in Holyoke Thursday for the education communities in Hampshire and Franklin Counties.

The focus of this year’s summit was to assist schools in seeking solutions to issues of racial tension. Approximately 140 educators went to the Log Cabin to attend a summit designed to help them find racial healing during these polarizing times. The summit featured discussions about self care, skill building, addressing racism and how to engage in difficult conversations in pursuit of healing and growth.

Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan said, “The folks here today are educators, administrators of schools, as well as students who are asked to give their input on how they see the schools, how we should be more respectful. Of not only teachers, but also of students. This is about racial healing in schools and how educators and students can move forward with really good solutions.”

Thursday’s keynote speaker was Dr. Beverly Tatum, a racial justice educator and currently the interim president at Mount Holyoke College. This was the 9th annual summit for these educational communities.

District Attorney Sullivan said that this summit tackles new topics every single year and these topics come to them from students and schools that they work with.