HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH/WWLP) — Solar panel and electric vehicle customers in Massachusetts and Connecticut may have had their information stolen in a data breach, an Eversource Spokesperson in Connecticut confirmed on Thursday.

The breach is related to MOVEit, which Eversource said led to companies and government agencies being hacked. One of those companies is CLEAResult, which Eversource uses to administer solar incentive, energy efficiency and electric vehicle grid modernization programs.

“We take seriously the security of our customers’ information, and we continue to review the security controls of all contractors while taking appropriate protective security measures for Eversource systems to protect customers,” Eversource said.

Massachusetts Eversource customers

Files containing Massachusetts customer information used by CLEAResult to enter energy efficiency programs were potentially taken as part of the MOVEit incident. These files include customer accounts and electric usage but does not contain personal information such as Social Security Numbers.

Massachusetts customers affected by this incident will be receiving a notice from Eversource advise them to monitor their accounts. Eversource is stressing to Massachusetts customers that their Social Security Numbers were not involved.

Connecticut Eversource customers

About 1,400 customers in the Connecticut solar incentive program will receive a notice stating that their Social Security Numbers were taken. Another 1,800 electric vehicle customers had customer account and energy use information taken. Social Security Numbers were not taken from electric vehicle customers.

“CLEAResult has also filed a report with the Connecticut Attorney General, and is complying with all applicable laws, including notifications to impacted persons enrolled in the Connecticut and Massachusetts solar incentive programs,” Eversource said in a written statement. “Because SSNs are involved, CLEAResult is providing additional protective measures described in their notices to those solar customers – including required identity protection services and credit monitoring.”

Eversource warned that scammers may target customers after the hack, and recommends reviewing account information and statements. The company provides more resources online. If you receive a suspicious call, hang up and call police, along with Eversource at (800) 286-2000.