CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — In western Massachusetts, we have experienced a weekend without rain, but we do have some storms approaching next week. The 22News Storm Team is Working for You with a look at what can happen when rain falls in these colder months.

There are a few types of precipitation, we are used to seeing rain in the warmer months, like summer. But as the winter approaches we have to be prepared for freezing rain, and even snow eventually. In these next few months, temperatures get closer to and go below freezing overnight.

This can cause sleet or freezing rain. This forms when the rain falling hits air warmer than 32 degrees Fahrenheit[32°F(0°C)], but as it falls it also passes through cold air that is under 32°F (0°C), thus coming to the ground as slightly frozen. When precipitation falls in sub-32°F (0°C) temperatures, it stays as snow.

And both sleet and freezing rain can come in the form of black ice which can be very dangerous. This is specifically dangerous because it can blend in with the roads, so you should try not to brake aggressively in these conditions.

As we look to the next 6 to 10 days the Northeast will be wetter than usual, so we could see that rain as early as the coming weekend.

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