NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Prices for cannabis have dropped over the past year and that’s leading to struggles for some businesses in the industry. However, one cannabis manufacturer says they are currently expanding even amongst these price drops.

Fernway in Northampton is the number one cannabis vape brand in Massachusetts and now they’re expanding to flower. The company announced that it will be manufacturing and selling terpene-infused joints.

“So we’re going from being in around 20 percent of the market to more like 80 percent of the market and so we’re really excited to share our message that cannabis makes the good life even better, with customers who are in those categories,” said Kit Gallant, CEO and Co-founder of Fernway.

Gallant told 22News that when he started his company, a pound of marijuana might go for around $4,000 but today it’s less than $2,000. While cannabis companies still have some concerns like regulation, over saturation, and certain doubts from the public… some companies are still leading the charge in this young industry.

Many cannabis companies grow and sell their own flower, yet Fernway is approaching the challenge of growing and selling ultra-premium cannabis in a unique way: by going out and finding the best flower the state has to offer.

“We’re partnering with small growers all over the state who might otherwise face a really tough time getting their products onto dispensary shelves. So here in Western Massachusetts, we’re partnering with companies in Pittsfield, in Whately, in Athol… all over,” said Gallant.

Fernway’s joints and flower are now available in more than 172 dispensaries across Massachusetts, with plans to expand to New Jersey by the end of 2023.