AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) — Three loud beeps for a smoke alarm, mean smoke or fire. These sounds are what Massachusetts fire departments want you to know to prevent fire injuries and deaths.

“We’ve had a couple of fatal fires, in the past year or so, which is uncommon for our town,” said Allan Burrage, Public Life and Safety Educator for the Agawam Fire Department. “Both of those were related to the lack of smoke detectors.”

This year’s theme of fire prevention week is “Learning the Sounds of Fire Safety.” The Agawam fire department wants you to be well-versed with smoke alarms to ensure you and your family remain safe. If you hear a chirp every 30 or 60 seconds, this means the alarm has low batteries. On the back of them, you can find the expiration date. 10 years after that date, the alarm will be at the end of its life and need replacement. For carbon monoxide alarms, 4 beeps means there is poisonous gas is in your home. You also should have multiple ways out of your house, included in your fire escape plan.

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services

“Especially with younger kids, parents can practice these with their kids keeps everyone up to date,” said Allan Burrage. “Get out have a meeting point and be ready for these situations.”

Unattended cooking, portable heaters, and the improper disposal of smoking materials are the leading causes of house fires. But thanks to fire safety campaigns and modern alarms, Burrage said statistically, fires are down across the country.