SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The unseasonably warm winter has caused some questions and concern for those looking to plant.

Although a warmer winter is nice for us humans, it does pose some threats to your everyday botanist when the temperature keeps changing like a roller coaster. Just two weeks ago, the thermometer read in the negatives in western Massachusetts, then just two days ago that same thermometer hit nearly 60 degrees.

These fluctuations have caused many who have plants and flowers to worry but according to Nursery Manager Andy Grondalski at Sixteen Acres Garden Center, the climate shouldn’t show its effects too much on your vegetation.

“I haven’t seen any buds like completely wide open, maybe they’re swollen a little but the cold weather won’t effect it at all if they’re open and the leaves are open. It would cause some damage but I haven’t seen anything open enough to do any damage. We’ve been still pretty cold at night so I don’t think anything is to worry about,” said Grondalski.

Even though temperature fluctuation is terrible for planting, if you can dig a whole in the ground you can plant anything you want, even if it’s cold outside. While the stretches of warmer temperatures over the last few months has many asking questions, for Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield, it’s been a boost in business in what is usually slower time of year.

“If anything it’s been a good thing cause people have gotten in the mood to start doing work in their yard. People have been out in their yards, picking up sticks and leaves and such or whatever, wherever. The ground isn’t too soft to work on and people have started to think about planning ahead,” said Grondalski.

According to the 22News Storm Team, we may experience some snow soon. Grondalski told 22News that some flakes on the ground is actually very good for plants as it keeps the plants moist while acting as a blanket, protecting new growth from extreme temperatures.