13th annual Free Food Harvest takes place days after Greenfield homeless campers moved

Franklin County

Homeless campers have been moved off the Greenfield Common, but not for the reasons people have been reading about.

The 13th annual Free Harvest took place on the Greenfield Common Sunday afternoon, just two days after the city’s deadline for homeless campers to leave the grounds. 

Greenfield Mayor Martin said they needed to close the common to get it ready for Sunday’s annual Harvest Supper.

Stone Soup Cafe’s executive director and chef Kirsten Levitt told 22News it was upsetting to find out they were being put to blame, “We felt that that was truly not the ethos of our organization or the way we operate. We feed everybody, we love to have our community together, and the campers we always expected to eat with them.”

Levitt told 22News, the Free Harvest Supper is not the reason homeless campers were forced to leave the Greenfield Common.

The Greenfield Board of Health determined this homeless encampment is temporary housing and requires special permits. It also raised sanitation concerns.

Nonetheless, Levitt said, they wanted to make sure the campers were included.

And signs around the Common made it known that, “This was somebody’s home.”

The Free Harvest Supper offers locally grown foods prepared by local chefs donating their time and kitchens to share a tasty meal.

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