22News visits Career Day at Mohawk Trail Regional School

Franklin County

Mohawk Trail Regional School invited 22News to speak with students for its annual Career Day.

Mohawk Trail Regional School said it’s important for students as early as middle school to learn about their career options.

“The more information we can provide them, 7th through 12th [grade], they’ll be able to feel confident in the decision they’re making,” said Sara Neuenschwander, Mohawk Trail Regional School guidance counselor.

Mohawk Regional seventh and eighth-grade students participated in an all-day Career Day Wednesday, hearing about various careers, including being a multi-media journalist.

 I made my presentation interactive; allowing students to touch the equipment I use every day to put my stories together and how we use social media to help tell a story across multiple platforms.    

“How does their daily life at school connect with what they might be doing in the future and to kind of give them some ideas of some interesting things that they have to look forward to,” said Taffy Ruggeri, Mohawk Trail Regional School guidance counselor.

“And I think the more information they have the better decisions they’ll make later when they do go to high school,” said Neuenschwander.

Students were able to look through career options through MassHire’s website which provides information on appropriate classes and activities for specific careers.  

Students also learned how to choose a job, what to avoid when job hunting, and how to keep or lose a job.

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