WARWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Have you ever called 911 by mistake? A local police department is reminding callers not to hang up if you do.

According to the Warwick Police Department, accidental 911 calls are being made occasionally, but people do not wait for the call to be answered and hang up immediately. A dispatcher or officer will call back to make sure the caller is not in need of help.

Police are asking callers to stay on the line and explain the reason or pick up the phone if you receive a call back if you accidently called 911. The Warwick Chief, Dave Shoemaker, explains that the resources are being consumed if they have to try and locate the person who called 911 to make sure they are okay.

“So please if you accidently dial 911, take a moment and answer the phone when we call you and let us know you are okay. We will want to send an officer to verify in person that you are okay but at least we will know exactly where you are and that saves time and expedites the verification process,” said Chief Shoemaker.

For people who have an iPhone, there is an Emergency SOS setting that will automatically call 911 when you press and hold the power button and one of the volume buttons. A countdown will begin and an alert sounds. If the countdown ends and your are still holding the buttons, the iPhone will call 911.

There is an option to turn off the feature by navigating to Settings, then tap Emergency SOS where you can turn Auto Call on or off. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.