CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP) – Avery’s General Store in Charlemont, which has been in business for 161 years, is closing. Owners say a lack of business, and rising costs due to the ongoing pandemic, are behind the decision.

Avery’s General Store located on Main Street announced on Facebook last Friday they will be going out of business. An official closing date has not yet been announced however, they will not be taking in additional hardware or grocery items. Currently, Christmas items are 10% off and winter clothing is 25% off, all sales are final.

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for decades upon decades of business. At this point, we really need you to come in to help us sell our inventory so we can settle some of our outstanding debts,” the owner stated in the Facebook post. “So PLEASE stop in, shop around, find something you need or maybe even something you don’t need, and say goodbye to our 161 year old general store which we all adore and love. It will certainly be missed but never, ever forgotten! ❤️

22News talked to the owner, Kenneth Hall, about closing the store, “People nowadays, gas prices being what they are, nobody’s traveling, people just aren’t shopping. Our customer count is down over the last six months.”

With recent offers that Hall’s received, he’s hopeful someone will purchase this landmark to keep Avery’s open for future generations.

Avery’s has become known as the vintage general store that sell just about everything to sustain any household. During more positive economic times, customers would travel a long distance just to visit this historic store.