ERVING, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a move mental health advocates have been calling for years and now barriers are going up on the French King Bridge on the Erving-Gill line.

With barriers going up, Stacey Hamel said she’s starting to let herself breathe knowing this project is finally happening.

The French King Bridge looks very different from when work started in May. In front of the waist high railing stands a tall fence. It’s something Hamel has been wanting for years.

“I was really excited when I started hearing dates attached to it finally and then when I got the first photos that there’s actually work being done and that was as minor as them putting out orange cones,” said Hamel.

In 2018, her step son jumped off the bridge… one of many suicides linked to the French King Bridge. Hamel said with barriers going up, it could delay people from taking their lives and in that time, give them time to reconsider and get them connected with the resources they need.

“There’s nothing that can stop it at this point so I think that saves lives, quite literally. Lives will be saved,” said Hamel.

As construction continues, Stacey hopes her story and so many others encourage others to talk about mental health, “If you can’t talk to somebody, there’s no chance in getting help, and I think most people can be helped.”

Hamel said she does not expect this project to wrap up before winter. 22News contacted the town of Erving as well as MassDOT for an updated timeline but did not hear back Monday afternoon.