CHARLEMONT, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been a tough week for skiers with temperatures soaring well above freezing making coated ski-runs hard to find.

Yeah, This week’s temperatures were just too warm, forcing Berkshire East Mountain Resort to shut down entirely. Berkshire East hoping for a comeback this weekend.

Fog, rain and 40-plus degrees, not good ingredients for skiing. Berkshire East Mountain Resort forced to close for three days this week as unseasonable temperatures continue.

Ski resorts do have the ability to make their own snow to bridge that gap during unseasonable stretches of weather. Berkshire East doing their best to keep up, but the conditions have to be perfect even with a state of the art system.

“For that we need the dew point, humidity and temperature of course to hit that sweet spot.
That point is around 28-fahrenheit,” said Nathan Marr, Marketing Director at Berkshire East Mountain Resort.

Nathan added they can keep making snow all the way up to 32 degrees. It’s efficient, too.

“We were the first mountain in the world to produce all our electricity on site. We have a wind turbine and solar array on the summit,” said Marr.

And all the water pumped up the mountain to snow-makers positioned to cover 100% of their trails. That said just because it isn’t snowing or below freezing at your house doesn’t mean its a bad day on the mountain.

“We’ve got higher elevation, 1750 feet at the summit so being higher up we have colder temperatures so we can make snow whereas at home, you may have nothing,” said Marr.