ORANGE, Mass. (WWLP) – A home in Orange completely destroyed in a fire Saturday afternoon was caused by improper disposal of smoking materials.

An investigation led by the Orange Fire Department and assisted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office found the start of the fire was from smoking material disposed on an exterior deck of the home.

“This is a scenario we see rise in the springtime every year as people step outside to smoke.  If you smoke or have guests who do, always use a sturdy ashtray with water or sand and be sure to put it out, all the way, every time.  Never toss butts, matches, or other smoking materials off of a porch or deck, or into grass, mulch, or planters – they can smolder before igniting combustible materials. The additional hazard on a deck is that a fire can grow to dangerous size outside before smoke alarms inside detects it,” said State Fire Marshal Spokesperson Jake Wark.

Orange firefighters were called to Summit Street for a reported house fire at approximately 12:56 p.m. on Saturday. Due to how small the road was, crews had to rotate to provide relief for firefighters. Crews worked to put out the fire on the outside of the house and then worked inside for search and suppression efforts.

Once crews were on the second floor, they were pulled out of the building due to concern about the building’s stability. The fire crews then moved to try and put the fire out from the outside of the house. Part of the roof system collapsed shortly after fire crews were pulled from the inside.

No one was injured in the fire except for one firefighter who was evaluated but not taken to the hospital. Two families with children are now without a home.