Charlemont is moving closer to building a town-owned broadband network.

Charlemont residents are supporting a town-owned fiber broadband network proposal, instead of a cheaper offer from Comcast.

Charlemont held a special town meeting last Thursday asking voters if the town should pay Comcast to provide broadband service to the town.

56 percent of residents voted in favor of the town building their own municipal broadband network, despite it being about $1 million more expensive than the Comcast proposal.

“I’m excited about that hopefully some small business will be able to come to town and use the internet better than what we have now,” said Kenneth Hall of Charlemont. 

The Municipal Broadband Fiber Network construction project would require the town to raise taxes for 20 years.

Charlemont residents approved the town’s authorized borrowing $1.75 million in taxes in May.

Charlemont Town Clerk’s said Thursday was one of the highest voter turnouts ever for a special town meeting.