DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Deerfield Fire Department is reminding residents to dispose of smoking materials properly after a cigarette caused leaves to catch fire.

Deerfield Fire says to use caution as things are still dry even after the recent rain. Gusty winds and low humidity creates the potential for increased brush fire risks.

The fire department reported that a flicked cigarette butt sparked a small fire in a pile of leaves around a tree. A passerby was able to put it out however if it had gone unnoticed it could have potentially caught the house on fire. The wind was blowing directly toward the house and the tress was only a few feet away.

Brush fires can typically start quickly due to the low humidity, gusty winds, and lack of vegetation on the ground. Dry vegetation provides the perfect environment for flames to spread.

Always dispose of smoking devices properly, keep all propane outdoors, and grills at least 10 feet away from any building. If you can, keep a fire extinguisher and water hose handy.