DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Clarkdale Fruit Farms in Deerfield is now open for the season.

It’s been a tough year for farms and while many are still struggling, this family farm is now opening back up for the season.

Fall is just around the corner and the first taste of it can now be at Clarkdale Fruit Farms, the multi generation orchard in Deerfield. Clarkdale opened back up for the season this past Friday and customers are pouring in looking for their favorite seasonal fruits.

Unfortunately though like many other farms- it’s been a struggle this year because of weather and this year that meant no peach’s. “The apples are just starting up and now we’re rolling into the season got a bunch of apple variety’s, pears, some other local products from farms,” said Owner, Ben Clark. “But for apples, yeah this is normal for mid-August, it is a normal apple harvest and we’ve got plenty that are coming in now.”

The Farm is experiencing a slight shortage right now but still more than enough to go around.
Also because of recent conditions there are larger than average apples and smaller than average pears as of now.

Clark also told us that many of the apples throughout the region now will have some scarring from frost but they’re still tasty and healthy to eat.

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