DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – By this time of year we’re used to seeing most of the trees turn a yellowish orange but many still have their green leaves. For businesses that rely on this changing of seasons, all hope isn’t lost.

Due to above average temperatures and rainfall, leaves are staying green for a little longer. Peak foliage could be delayed as much as late October to early November. Leaf peepers generate billions dollars of revenue each year during the fall.

Kathy Fiore from Magic Wings Butterfly Garden in Deerfield says the warmer temperatures might actually help her business, “Regardless of whatever time of year it is, you’re going to have a nice tropical visit. Although it is always nice to see them and see the beautiful leaves changing and all of that. We actually hope its going to extend our season a little more.”

While fall foliage is peaking a little later than usual this year, there’s still plenty of places you can see vibrant colors in the trees. Deerfield Historic District and Mohawk Trail are starting to see more color in their leaves.

Jessye Deane from the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce said the foliage isn’t the only thing worth visiting, “I think what we see from the tourism perspective is that we have a large number of return visitors, so I think people just build this into their annual schedule and they’re going to come visit Franklin County regardless of what’s happening with our leaves.”

Deane also mentioned the many fall festivals, like the Quabbin Garlic Festival, bring people from all around New England. It seems that business is still booming, but this trend of a late start to fall foliage could continue as we see more rain and warmer temperatures each year.

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