Eversource installed eight new electric vehicle charging stations in Greenfield.

The new Olive Street Parking Garage will hold the charging stations. The garage is located in the town’s Bank Row Urban Renewal Area.

“I’m very appreciative of Eversource making this project possible by funding the installation of these eight EV charging stations,” said Greenfield Mayor William Martin.

The electric charging stations are part of Eversource’s EV Make Ready program which increases the availability of electric vehicles charging stations throughout Massachusetts. 

“In Massachusetts, more than 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector,” said Eversource EV “Make Ready” Program Lead James Cater. “The Commonwealth’s goal is to have 300,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025. Through ‘Make Ready,’ we’re powering the possibilities for Massachusetts by partnering with charging station companies and forward-thinking customers like the Town of Greenfield. We will be installing thousands of new charging ports at hundreds of strategically-located and publicly accessible sites.”

The new units will be free to use through the end of the year. Starting in January there will be a cost $1.25 per hour while the car is actively charging. The charge is meant to offset the cost of electricity to the town.

“We have our parking garage right next to our transit station, so it’s a perfect place to offer this great opportunity for people to be able to park here and bring their electric vehicles and know they can recharge and keep on driving,” said Carole Collins, director of energy and sustainability in Greenfield.

The new chargers are made by ChargePoint and are more capable than the existing units in town. 
Chargers let drivers know whether units are available and text drivers when their charge is complete.