DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Deerfield police are warning drivers on Greenfield Road about flooding that occurs every time there is a heavy rain storm.

According to the Deerfield Police Department, in the area Richardson’s Candy Kitchen, pools of water forming from heavy rainfall tends to create dangerous road conditions for drivers. MassDOT has started placing signs to warn motorists of the flooded State Highway.

The police continue to report the dangerous road conditions to MassDOT to in hopes a real fix will include improving the drainage to allow water to flow to the Deerfield River. According to the Deerfield police, the state and local officials have known about the issue for years and a solution has not happened.

The links to the two state reprentatives have been tagged in the Deerfield Police Department’s Facebook page listing Senator Jo Comerford and State Representative Natalie Blais of the First Franklin District.