COLRAIN, Mass. (WWLP) – A commemorative marker was placed at the gravesite of a known Boston Tea Party participant at the Chandler Hill Cemetery in Colrain.

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, in partnership with the Town of Colrain, and “Revolution 250,” placed the marker today for David Lyons, a former Colrain resident, and Massachusetts Patriot.

Years after his involvement in the infamous Boston Tea Party, Lyons moved his family to Colrain around 1784, where he became the keeper of the village tavern.

Evan O’Brian, the creative manager of The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, described to 22News Lyons’ role in the historic event.

“He would’ve loosely disguised himself and then gone down to Griffin’s Wharf, and then been assigned to join one of three different boarding parties, to access the tea, to break open the tea chests with axes, shake the tea over the side of the vessel, to ensure that every last leaf was destroyed, and then throw the tea chest itself into Boston Harbor,” O’Brian said.

To date, a total of 88 commemorative markers have been placed at graves of known Boston Tea Party participants.