Franklin County health agencies talked about trauma and its impact on young people Monday in Greenfield.  

The opioid task force wants to remove the stigma surrounding trauma.

The Opioid Task Force held their “Building a Resilient Community” event Monday morning at Greenfield Community College.

Mental health organizations and community leaders across Franklin County provided solutions on how to support young people experiencing trauma in their lives. 

Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing or disturbing experience, like a house fire or a death of a family member. 

“How do we change our community, to build our resilience and shift things to understanding? If we do things differently we will have different outcomes,” said Project Director of Gill Montague Community School Partnership, Kara McLaughlin.

“If we don’t start talking about trauma, if we don’t start talking about substance use disorder, more people are going to die,” said Clinical Supervisor at Pathway House, Annie Parkinson.

The opioid task force said a recent study showed more than 75% of people with substance abuse disorders, reported experiencing trauma. 

The task force hopes to hold this kind of an event two to three times a year and educate more people on trauma.