SHELBURNE FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – The crisp fall weather has made this Sunday the perfect day for picking pumpkins here in the Pioneer Valley, and just in time for Halloween!

All day people kept coming to Hager’s Farm Market along the Mohawk Trail in Shelburne Falls. They all had one thing in mind; to get just the right pumpkin to carve into a scary icon for Halloween night.

Hager’s Farm Market owner “Chip” Hager told 22News he’s been watching his pumpkin crop very carefully. “It is the pumpkin season and the customers have been great! Been a lot of people out shopping for pumpkins. Because of the draught, they tend to be smaller this year than normal. But, they’re moving well, I’m pretty satisfied with it, and a lot of people have been happy with them.”

Hager also mentioned it’s not surprising to find people cutting it close, buying their Halloween pumpkins right up until noon Monday.

But purchasing and designing those Halloween pumpkins is merely a preliminary to what happens next week for a fundraiser that will benefit the 4-H Clubs here in western Massachusetts.

“When people can bring their pumpkins back and watch them get smashed. There’s cash and a trophy for the one’s who splatter the most,” added Hager.

On Sunday, the emphasis was on acquiring just the right pumpkin that will serve the time honored tradition of welcoming families going house to house on Halloween night, and maybe helping scare the kids ever so slightly.