GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After a bee sculpture was found on the ground, plans are already in the works to repair it.

Rachael Katz told 22News the damage is minor and they plan to have the “Celtic Bee” back on its stand in the next few weeks. Meantime police are trying to figure out what caused the bee to topple over early Thursday morning.

“We think this was an opportunity that somebody just came across,” said Deputy Chief William Gordon. “I don’t think they’re targeting bees.”

Gordon said police arrived at Main Street by Miles Street after someone called, claiming a man knocked over the bee sculpture.

“When we arrived the party was no longer there and the bee structure was the on the ground,” he told 22News.

While police continue to keep an eye on the sculptures, Katz has her own theory of what happened.

“I had identified a weakness in the mounting brackets when the blank bee forms were received from the manufacturer,” she said in a phone interview with 22News.

Rachael said she didn’t have time to follow up on the mounting brackets before Bee Fest. With a background in engineering, she said the fall the bee took could have been on its own. Rachael said calling it vandalism only plays into negative stereotypes about Greenfield.

“A big part of the reason I started this project was to try and shift those stereotypes and show that Greenfield has more to it than its negatives,” she said.

While the bee is being repaired, Katz said the other bees will be reinforced with new brackets.